Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brainstorming Ideas

Jamie Fingal checking in.  I often do a lot of research before embarking on a new project.  The thought of empty spaces intrigues me.  There are so many ways that I could go with this idea.  But, where I am right now, is in an emotional state of turmoil.  My dad passed away suddenly in late November, and it has forever changed my life and left an 'empty space' in my heart.  I've been drawing hearts, of all things, and this symbol never reaches the radar in my brain when I am attempting to create a new piece of art.  The fact that this heart wrenching emotion has totally taken over my thought process lately, and for obvious reasons.  This is just the beginning of looking at some of the empty spaces in my life.

I sat down and started drawing, everything that I was feeling, with my heart on my sleeve, or on the sketchbook page.


Then I decided that I should create one of those drawings into a painting on canvas to get a larger visual understanding of what I was doing.  I like the colors, but don't really like the heart or the writing.  It seems to trite to me.  I feel that more should be left to the viewer.  This is in your face art, and I am not sure if this is what I want to convey in an art quilt.  And let's be real, it's just a little on the depressing side.  I need to think some more on what I can create with this theme.

So, enter the camera - and we have a button jar that is partially empty  that might have some potential.  Words swirling on the inside perhaps...or a story of the antique buttons.  Thinking out loud here.  Are you enjoying my design process?

and then there is this.  Spaces between the openings.  Might be too literal, or perhaps to easy, but I do love the lime green.

and then I've been making red backgrounds, which could be hearts or something else.  It seems I am really drawn to this right now.  It's easy and I can wrap my mind around it, as opposed to other work that I can't seem to focus on right now.

and then I started thinking about what I do best, my roots so to speak in my art.  The art of the house.  The empty spaces could be negative space.  It would all depend on how it is designed and what kind of fabric I would choose, but it could work, and be something interesting, happy and it could invite the viewer in to see more.  Maybe or maybe not.  Stay tuned.



carolsloan said...

Even though time is the only true healer here Jamie, the art that we create during times of great sadness can lead the way. I'm glad to see you approaching and talking about your feelings. This piece will stand out in your mind (and heart) for years to come.

gail mcarthur said...

Jaimie, when I lost my husband two years ago, I found myself making and embroidering felt hearts. i also made a little cushion for my step-daughter, with images of her dad at the beach throughout his life, and filled the "empty spaces" between images with embroidered hearts. When my dad died 20 years ago I simply wrote, wrote, wrote. "Empty spaces"...... so aptly describes the interior feelings of grief......and also the exterior, an empty chair, his side of the bed, the beach without him...

But those empty spaces gradually fill in with other images, and the pain gradually eases. Thank you for sharing your pain and art with others working through their empty spaces.

Judy Gula said...

I love the jar of buttons- each button could represent a smile, a laugh, a hug, a conversation that you remember... I am very close with my Dad also.
Hugs, Judy