Sunday, January 1, 2012

Introductions: Carol Sloan

Hi, I'm Carol Sloan. I am a mixed media artist living and working in South Carolina.



I find inspiration in many places. I am fascinated by the textures found in nature and use several different mediums trying to replicate them. In viewing my work, you will see layers that include paper, paint, fabric/fiber and natural items. I love using natures bounty in my artwork. I use collage, drawing, painting and fiber manipulation to build these layers in my work.


I work in an intuitive manner, allowing the work itself to dictate the direction that it travels.




I build each piece to tell a story or to chronicle an experience in my life or another's life. I spend a lot of time in the forests and rivers near my home, hiking, kayaking or soaking in the beauty. I gather and collect interesting objects, natural items and everyday discards that I take to my studio and later use in these narratives. My hope is that the story will resonate with the viewer.


I also teach mixed media/mixed media fiber art workshops and classes nationally.


I love to share my belief that there is an artist inside of  everyone.

I plan on beginning online classes this year, teaching abroad as well as submitting a book proposal.

Check out more of my art, classes and my schedule on my blog.



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