Thursday, January 12, 2012

Work in Progress

Hi from Kathyanne White as I post the beginning of my Empty Spaces piece.

One of the things that is characteristic of my work is the way I work spontaneously, have an idea first and see what happens next.  I don’t really plan my work I let it flow.  I would rather start creating materials and as I work create supporting elements to bring my thoughts together in the form of artwork.  For my interpretation of the Empty Spaces theme, I have chosen to create a free standing textural piece.  As I work through my idea of the theme, things may change, but I will share my beginning plan here and continue to work on the composition of the pages.

This piece will either be shaped like a book with a spine or it will be finished in the round.  It depends on what happens as I create the textures of each composition.  I have cut 5 pieces of hardware cloth and painted them to use as the base for the dimensional collage.  I will build all my compositions on the face of each side of the hardware cloth as I assemble all my finished artwork.  For now I have digital prints on the following surfaces: recycled printers plates, beverage cans, metal mesh and some other surfaces that have not been photographed.  They are in my maybe pile right now.  Here are 4 of the pieces of 8" x 8" hardware cloth.  Three have nothing attached, the one on the bottom left has a piece of painted aluminum screen attached.

Next is an image of the 5th piece of hardware cloth that has a brass mesh print attached to one side.  First picture is of the front of the print and the second the reverse side attached to the hardware cloth. There are empty spaces in the print that were created when the metal mesh was constructed before printing.  The hardware cloth has also been cut away.

  The next photo is the other side of this page for the assemblage.  It is a print on a recycled printers plate with holes cut and small holes punch in order to use wire and beads to embellish the top of the page.  You can see the brass mesh from the other side as the pieces are stacked together. This mix will evolve as I work on the composition of the page.


A couple other pics show elements that have been printed for other pages to be completed.  As I proceed with the work, more prints and elements will be added to the mix.  Many of the cut shapes in the hardware cloth will have nothing behind them and I plan to arrange them so those openings, or empty spaces will allow the viewer to look through parts of the work to textures on the other pages.  

Printed beverage cans and aluminum mesh

Slivers of printed beverage cans

 In the next couple of weeks all the pages will be in the process of assembling and I will post pictures as this piece grows.


sue bleiweiss said...

Love the direction you're headed with this Kathyanne. I can't wait to see where it all ends up.

Kathyanne said...

Thanks, Sue. I was kind of thinking something like that today- where is this going to end up:)
It's definitely a challenge.