Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In the Shadows

Kathyanne here--When I started my Empty Spaces piece I worked on it for awhile and it was getting pretty dense so I did what I do a lot with my art.  I took that piece another way and it no longer fit the theme we had decided on.

Now what?  Since I had been playing with tiny digital pieces cut from digital prints on wire mesh I was fascinated with all the open space, the shadows and depth the assembled pieces created when combined with wire and mesh.  Turning my ideas into pages I used elements from one of my unfinished pieces and started to put pieces together. 

I had no plan on where this was going, so I worked through it without photo documentation and just worked it out a bit at a time.

Materials included- digital print on metal mesh, digital print on wood veneer, copper wire, crocheted brass wire, brass mesh, aluminum mesh, waxed linen, hardware cloth, black and white beads and assorted colored metal wire.

Here is a shot of the whole piece and a couple of the pages.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

this is such a cool piece Kathyanne!

Gloria said...

This is fabulous, Kathyanne!!

KathyAnne White said...

Hey Sue and Gloria, I didn't see your comments until I checked to see what was happening on the blog. Thanks both of you! A little different from where I was going, but fun!