Friday, March 1, 2013

Exploration of Village and Community

Carol Sloan here today.
I am so excited to introduce another new member, Kristin La Flamme to the "8 That Create" art family .

Kristin La Flamme is an artist who sews. She is also an army wife. 
Her work combines elements of traditional quilting with common domestic forms such as aprons and bedding. The cutting and re-stitching inherent in quilt making can be seen as a metaphor for the turmoil of military life with it's many moves and separations. 
Having lived in Germany for more than a decade, though always within the safety net of the American military community, influenced her work as well. 
This living between cultures (not entirely American, but not German either) was reflected in earlier land- and city-scape quilts as a sense of being on the outside looking in. 
However, the view was always welcoming. 
This exploration of village and communities evolved towards the idea of home and setting down roots (or the inability to do so) which still permeates much of her work.

40" x 22"

Kristin has a BFA in Graphic Design from Otis Art institute of Los Angels. 
She worked as a designer in LA and in Washington DC before following her Army Officer husband to Germany in 1996. 
Since then, Kristin has discovered her love for fiber and shares it through occasional teaching and exhibits of her work. In 2007, she joined the online group Twelve by Twelve which together has produced over 300 small art quilts, written a book detailing their adventure, and exhibited their work worldwide.

Pink House
12" x 12"

Recently transplanted to Charlottesville, VA, Kristin is looking forward to focusing on creating and exhibiting new artwork.

Rooted VII
49" x 49 1/2"

I was so captivated by the emotional stories that Kristin's art illustrates when I was doing a virtual gallery tour on her website.
As I thumbed through each gallery, I was struck by the beauty of the layered pieces yet unsettled by some of them as well.
If it is the artists task to evoke emotion from the viewer then Kristin certainly hit the nail on the head with her series "The Army Wife"
In reading the introduction to this series, I began to view that role in a different light. 

War Sucks
53" x 88 1/2"

Issues, Public & Private 2010
40" x 22"

I've asked Kristin to share 8 facts about herself with our readers.
Let's see what kind of juicy tidbits she came up with...

1. I am a fourth generation Angeleno (born and raised in Los Angeles), but I've lived in two counties, six states (one twice), and 10 homes since my husband and I married.
2. I've never met a color I didn't like.
3. I've never met a fabric I didn't like.
4. I want Michelle Obama to see my Army Wife series.
5. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be Carne Asada tacos.
6. I make a darn good Pineapple Cosmopolitan.
7. The posters of Ludwig Hollwein inspire me.
8. I enjoy alternative, eighties, and classic rock music, but my guilty pleasure is European disco. 

Well, I must say that I don't think I've ever heard European disco but I sure would like to sample the Pineapple Cosmopolitan!

I hope that all of you will join me and the rest of the group in welcoming this talented artist to our midst.
Welcome Kristin!



Wonderful intro Carol, welcome Kristin, love your work and experiences !

Lynne said...

you guys are great!

Gloria Hansen said...

Great work, Kristin!