Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer in the Southeastern USA

Carol here.

I live in the upper left hand corner of South Carolina (called "the Upstate" around here).
For years, decades really, we have been classified as an Agricultural Zone 7a-7b, depending on where you are in the state.
In 2012, the zoning map was re-evaluated and the zones in our state changed.
We now run from 7A to 9A (Charleston area only).
That would explain why I rarely wear a heavy coat in the winter as well as why I stay in the house (in the air conditioning) during the heat (and humidity) of the summer.

But one of the truly wonderful perks about living in this near tropical environment is the cornucopia of fragrant flowers.
If you step out into my backyard right now, you would be treated to the scents of gardenia, magnolias, lillies, petunias, roses as well as many other odoriferous delights.

When I go out to clip leaves, stems or flowers for natural dyeing (or eco printing), I am frequently distracted from the job at hand by the abundance of natural beauty right in my own yard.

Not to mention the blackberries that are ripening up right now.

Print from a blackberry stem.
I picked a few leaves from the bushes while I was checking out the progress of the berries.
We really have to be diligent about picking them or the birds will eat them all!

I'm gathering  a big pile of natural dyed fabrics to being a stitching project soon.
I'll be glad to get to that part of the fun since it's been a while since I've been able to make something.
And that's one of my very favorite things to do - making something.

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