Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beryl here, sorry I keep disappearing ! I thought I'd talk a bit about Indian wood blocks stamps as I'm working with them so much at the moment.

I first came across these stamps in the nineties while doing my City & Guilds embroidery course, they were either very small and intricate or else very large and quite damaged as they had been used for fabric printing in India. Still, if I couldn't use them for art work they made lovely pieces for the coffee table !

I've since come to know a company called Colouricious based in the UK who deal directly with these artistic carpenters in India, Jamie the owner of Colouricious discusses designs and these guys carve them. As these stamps have become so popular it is providing much needed work and has put twenty nine families back to work. ( I'm impressed Jamie )

As you can imagine I am now getting a huge collection of these stamps ( this is just one box. )

I've used the leaf stamp on Tyvek, machine stitched around the image then made a stencil from the same stamp and used 3D puff paint through the stencil.

Flower stamp used on Gelli printed fabric with machine stitching around image.

Final image,messy work table !

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Natalya Aikens said...

These are great! I have one of those old woodblock prints, can't remember if I brought it home from India or bought it somewhere in the garment district... I haven't used it in a long long time, perhaps it's time again..