Friday, May 23, 2014

Articles on Making Stuff

Carol writing today.

A few months ago, I received word that two of the article proposals I had turned in to Interweave had been accepted for the newest Pages magazine.

Imagine my delight when I saw the publication for the first time and my artwork was on the cover!

I wrote an article about creating artful niches for miniature books.
It is a really fun project that is not that difficult to create.
The carving and painting portion is my favorite part! And, if you mess up, it's very easy to "erase" that area and start over.

I also wrote an article about creating a triptych out of canvas, plaster and molding paste.
Add a few lines from a poem, some of your favorite natural items and you have wonderfully textured piece to sit on a shelf or a desktop.

"Forest Symphony"

The back side of
"Forest Symphony"
Pop over to this site and purchase your own copy of the Pages magazine.
This is the fifth edition and I have all of them. They really are chock full of wonderful projects.


Kristin L said...

Congratulations on having your projects published. I particularly like the book niche. It could be easily adapted to augment many types of art.

Slightly off topic, I am curious about the surprise acceptance. I have in the past written proposals for magazines, but they were more like outlines of an article with a photo or two. It sounds to me like you have written the complete articles and then submitted them finished, ready to publish. Am I interpreting this correctly? This could explain why my own proposals never get me anywhere.

Carol Sloan said...

Kristin - I sent in an outline also. I was surprised because I received their notice 6 months after I sent the proposals in! I figured that they were not interested after 3 months...

Gloria said...

That's really wonderful, congratulations!!