Sunday, November 13, 2011

Introductions: Kathyanne White

Hello, I’m Kathyanne.  My body of work is about building textures with digital alternative surfaces.  I look to build textures first in the image that will start my piece and then take the image and digital print to a new dimension.  I love to build surfaces uncommon to digital printing, alter and assemble my surfaces with other mixed media techniques and share my process.

As long as the surface created is within the thickness parameters of my printers, I will print it.  Below is a piece that I just finished.  The images for the prints come from patterns and texture created from pictures taken in forests.  The digital prints are on recycled dictionary pages coated with inkAID Semi Gloss Precoat. Once the prints were dry I coated the papers with ice resin.  The papers have been torn randomly, a hole punched through the surface and the pieces strung on cotton cording.  The strands of images are are crocheted into the final configuration and mounted on an under layer of crocheted jute twine.



As I move forward, my Forest Book series will be absorbing most of my artistic hours in the next year.  Here is an example of a book that is growing as I add pages.  The basis of this series is to build surfaces that jump off the page and are inspired by my visits to the amazing forests on this planet.  In the pages you see here I have printed aluminum mesh, copper mesh, recycled printers plates, sheet metal, lutradur, watercolor paper, tyvek, and an assortment of paper and fabric too long to mention.  I added materials such as twigs, wire, twine and anything else I could think of to build textures on the pages.  Since each page is on a separate metal frame measuring 2 feet by 4 feet, I tend to add and change the pages around until the book is ready to leave my studio.

You can see more of my work on my Kathyanne White website and at KathyanneArt that includes tutorials and workshops based on my work.

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