Saturday, November 12, 2011

introductions: Sue Bleiweiss

My name is Sue Bleiweiss and I've been a full time artist for over 10 years.  I work primarily with sandwashed cotton that I dye myself to create fabric collages with and I work with hand painted silk.

I have become quite enamored with aged, rusted and weathered surfaces and my work with silk is a result of this.

[caption id="attachment_35" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Ravages of Time 30”x40” hand painted silk"][/caption]

 I've started a series of corsets and garments from the late 1800's using the techniques I've developed to create these aged painted silk surfaces.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="233" caption="Inside Out 52”x38” hand dyed sandwashed cotton"]
Silk corset Metal

My intent with the series is to highlight the contrast between how garments of that era that were worn to enhance a woman's beauty were so restrictive and uncomfortable to wear that it must have made the wearer feel weighed down, restrained and anything but beautiful.

I also enjoy creating vessel's using these surfaces.  After fusing the silk to a stiff interfacing the pieces are cut out and the edges are finished with a satin stitch.  They're then assembled into the finished vessel.

Silk Vessel Curves  24” x 3” x 6”

I also work with hand dyed sandwashed cotton.  Using low water immersion methods and procion dyes I dye the cotton in the colors I want to work with and then use them to create fabric collages:


These collages are created using a raw edge fused applique technique.  The black lines that you see in the pieces are all hand cut strips of hand dyed black cotton which is fused in place and then stitched over with black thread.

You can see more of my work in the gallery of my website here.

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