Friday, April 27, 2012

Empty Spaces - "What We Keep"

Jamie Fingal here. My piece is all about loss, and the things that we keep, to remind us who we are.  There is more in a previous post, and you can view it here.

The fabrics were Mistyfused to wool blended felt, free motion machine quilted, and a bit of hand sewing with #8 Perle cotton threads

A vintage zipper, and a photograph of scissors from my mother's sewing desk.  The photo has been transferred to fabric, with an ink jet copier.  The background of the scissors was painted to enhance the colors of the scissors.

Full view; with a photo transfer of my mom's cookbooks, apron, recipe holder, etc., on the upper left - scissors on the right.  Title:  "What We Keep: to remind ourselves who we are" by Jamie Fingal 2012  - 16" x 16"


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

THIs piece is very touching. I remember the two weeks I spent cleaning out my Mother's sewing room. I'll never understand how she got so much into one room...under the bed, in the closet. I'll admit I threw away some things I should have kept because I was just overwhelmed with the volume.

Linda A. Miller said...

What a thought provoking visual statement, Jamie! May this process become part of your healing journey. After my Father died many years ago, my art making took on a new voice. May you discover more within yourself!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

I don't think anyone can truly appreciate the bittersweet nature of this process until they have been through a version of it. This is a touching tribute to that process, the grief associated with it, and the healing and comfort that the memory of these things that we keep can offer us. Thank you for sharing.