Saturday, April 13, 2013

Art in other forms

I've been so drawn lately to explore the boundaries of my art in other forms. I'm intrigued with the idea of applying the defining (for me) aspects of "fiber art" or "quilt art" to unexpected surfaces, shapes and materials. 

This fiber house book is an example of this idea - each page is technically a quilt with three layers held together with stitching, but in an unexpected shape and with an unexpected purpose.

These Spirit Flags use stitching, painting and printing techniques on a fabric (canvas) with a strong textural, woven presence.

A combination of etching and block printing on paper, printed on a press, celebrates the type of patterning that is typically seen in commercial fabric. And I stitched around the perimeter of the color field to bring another stitching/quilting reference to the piece.

And finally a couple of small collages that reflect the patterning found in commercial fabrics and with hand-inked stitches mounted on painted and stenciled canvas board.

Some of the pieces shown here are brand new and some are not as new, but all represent the direction I currently feel pulled in. Have you ever re-examined your medium to isolate its defining qualities and then applied those qualities in unexpected ways?


Kristin L said...

I can't say that I've thought about my work in such a way, but I do try to be open to exploring different media if the concept calls for it. I really like your bug print and sees lots of potential cross-over for your work in that direction
. :-)

Gloria Hansen said...

Hmm ... I'll need to think on that one. I don't think I've intentionally isolated elements. Then again, there is repetition of certain elements in my work. Hmmm ... food for thought!

Carol Sloan said...

I love the beetle as w. ll, esp/ the way that you used the patterning on the background. I have been using plaster & joint compound on canvas and then drawing into it (carving). I love trying out different mediums, techniques and such and will def think about what you said