Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Surface design

Beryl here.

It's play time again for me. Never quite sure what to do with Lutradur until I tried placing a stencil over it and with a spatular scraping dimensional paint through it, easier said than done ! I lay it on a metal tray and heated it with a heat gun, great effect, the design became raised and the Lutradur disappeared so you are left with a strong lace type effect . I sprayed with inks and rubber stamped text over the top. Very interesting effect.

I've collected used color run sheets and did a similar technique using modeling paste through a stencil then painting the areas with out modeling paste and getting some really interesting looks.

My daughter is over from the UK for a week so we are off to the city to see some exhibitions at the Met and MOMA so should be able to post some interesting.

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