Tuesday, May 7, 2013

eye candy

Natalya here. I am not one to go crazy decorating for each season or holiday. I put out a few pumpkins for Thanksgiving, decorate the tree and the mantel for Christmas. That's about it for the year...except for Easter. I just love the traditional crafts for Russian Orthodox Easter. Did you think Easter was over with? Nope, not by the Julian calendar that the Eastern Orthodox churches follow. Sometimes it falls at the same time as western Easter, but usually it's on a different date and this year it was really late - Cinco de Mayo was our Easter. So I thought that I would treat you to the the bevy of Easter decorations that I have collected and created over the years. I really enjoy unwrapping them every year, finding new ways to arrange them and enjoying them for all the 50 days we celebrate Easter.

Above you see traditional blown out eggs, wooden, glass and ceramic eggs. Some are traditionally decorated and others are more avantgard. I have them hanging from a branch and laid out in decorative dishes. All are enjoyed thoroughly!